Complete open source toolset for launching NFTs and SFTs collections on the MultiversX blockchain.
You will also do snapshots, airdrops, tokens distribution!

Deploy and mint!

npm install elven-tools -g
Elven Tools Smart Contract
NFT and SFT Minter Smart Contracts. They will let you run the proper NFT or/and SFT launches. They are open-source code. If you need, you can modify them. There will also be a raffle NFT version. Stay tuned!
Elven Tools CLI
The CLI tool will help with the proper configuration, deployment, and interactions with the Smart Contract. It allows you to set up the project and also mint the tokens. You will also get additional tools, like, for example, the possibility to save collection NFT owners' addresses or tokens airdrops, distribution .
Elven Tools Minter Dapp
The minter dapp serves as a default launch website. It is based on the Next framework, and it is equipped with valuable widgets and guides on how to safely and with performance in mind run the launch website. With some modifications, it is excellent as a base for any MultiversX project.

Try it now!

By default, it will deploy the Smart Contracts from their repositories, and all will happen on the devnet! So you can try it out safely.
What you need to start is a devnet account (wallet address) with some funds on it.
Install Node.js and enter the terminal commands in order displayed below:

NFT Minter:
1. npm install elven-tools -g
2. elven-tools derive-pem
3. elven-tools deploy nft-minter
4. elven-tools nft-minter issue-collection-token
5. elven-tools nft-minter set-roles
7. elven-tools nft-minter start-minting
8. elven-tools nft-minter mint
--- then additionally:
9. elven-tools init-dapp
SFT Minter:
1. npm install elven-tools -g
2. elven-tools derive-pem
3. elven-tools deploy sft-minter
4. elven-tools sft-minter issue-collection-token
5. elven-tools sft-minter set-roles
7. elven-tools sft-minter create
8. elven-tools sft-minter start-selling
9. elven-tools sft-minter buy
In case of any problems with npm or/and Node itself. Please refer to the docs here
You can also run commands with npx without global installation. For example: npx elven-tools deploy nft-minter
Other tools: